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Legal research enhanced by smart algorithms

LEXPLORIA develops algorithms and legal research technology that takes advantage of both relational analytics and machine learning to mine large legal data sets and transforms data into actionable knowledge. LEXPLORIA tech: research intelligence aims at enhancing speed and capabilities of lawyers, judges, legal scholars and students

Citation Networks

STATUS: / Testable Live Demo /


A citation network shows inbound and outbound citations of individual legal documents (e.g. a court decision), and the relational constellation of the document, as well as its authority rank. The authority rank is in turn established using as a starting point the number of inbound citations, adjusted however on the basis of several qualitative factors, some of which based on text analytics powered by natural language processing algorithms. While the citation network has reached the stage of an early testable demo (request demo), the authority rank algorithms are still under development.

A citation network is visualized as illustrated in the image below. Each bubble is a node in the network, and its size reflects the authority rank of the node. The bubbles are interactive and actionable, and will manifest the relevant citation constellation of each of the node. At the moment, LEXPLORIA tech: demo product shows citation networks extracted from the case law of the European Court of Justice, but our aim is to include over time several data sets so as to visualize every relevant legal document in our citation networks.

A demo application is already available for testing. If you want to request a live demo, just get in touch: info@lexploria.com

Heat Maps

STATUS: / Testable Live Demo /


Citation networks also power citation heat maps. Citation heat maps highlight paragraphs that are cited by one or more other cases through a reader application. As you read each court decision, the reader shows actionable citations constellations that are color coded based on citation quantity (and soon, also citation quality). The reader lets you choose to display the whole document, or to only display the cited paragraphs. This product is at early demo stage. If you want to learn more and see the current demo version, just get in touch: info@lexploria.com

Text Analytics

STATUS: / Under Development /

LEXPLORIA is developing intelligent text analytics with the help of advanced algorithms, machine learning and natural language processing. This product is under development, but if you want to learn more get in touch: info@lexploria.com

Actor Maps

STATUS: / Under Development /

Actor mapping will provide a comprehensive constellation of documents linked to individual legal actors. Each actor map will over time also understand and extract patterns of legal argumentation favored by particular actors through deploying the power of deep learning algorithms and natural language processing. This product is under development, but if you want to learn more get in touch: info@lexploria.com