About Lexploria

Legal research enhanced by smart algorithms

LEXPLORIA AS is a legal tech start up operational since late 2019.

LEXPLORIA develops algorithms and legal research technology that takes advantage of both relational analytics and machine learning to mine large legal data sets and transforms data into actionable knowledge.

LEXPLORIA aims at enhancing research speed and capabilities of lawyers, judges, legal scholars and students.

Currently LEXPLORIA has soft launched an Open Beta, the EU Case law Citations analytics Tool Beta, available at http://app.lexploria.com

The Founder

The founder, Vito De Lucia, PhD, is Professor at the Faculty of Law of UiT – Arctic University of Norway. Vito has also a significant past in IT, having been involved in different roles in successful startups such as Zoomit and Kelkoo. Vito has also worked for Yahoo (who acquired Kelkoo in 2004 for the then record sum of $576 millions), where he was Director of User Experience and Design for the Commerce properties for Europe, and Opera Software.

The Team

LEXPLORIA is at the moment cooperating with with different technical partners, but is also in the process of expanding its team.


LEXPLORIA has received two rounds of funding from Innovation Norway and has received angel investment from Northern Norwegian investment network Fyrin. We are currently seeking further investment. If you are interested, contact us!


LEXPLORIA has established a number of collaborations, with digital legal services players such as Gyldendal’s RETTSDATA, with the Machine Learning Group at UiT, and with various Law Firms.

Get in Touch!

If you want to learn more about our technology and our products, or for any other query, just get in touch: info@lexploria.com