LEXPLORIA develops algorithms and legal research technology that tranforms data into actionable knowledge.

Citation Networks

A citation network shows inbound and outbound citations of an individual legal document (e.g. a court decision), its relational constellation, and its authority rank

EU Law and European Human Rights Law

LEXPLORIA Analytics App Beta is currently trained on the EU data set (which includes the case law of the EU Court of Justice and EU legal acts). and on the data set of the European Court of Human Rights.


With LEXPLORIA App you can easily annotate each individual paragraph of each legal document (case law or legal act). You can keep the annotation private or share it with the world!


Legal research enhanced by smart algorithms

LEXPLORIA develops algorithms and legal research technology that takes advantage of both relational analytics and machine learning to mine large legal data sets and tranforms data into actionable knowledge. LEXPLORIA research intelligence aims at enhancing speed and capabilities of lawyers, judges, legal scholars and students

See EU Law Analytics Tool Beta

A few things we are developing

LEXPLORIA is developing a product that takes full advantage of both relational data analysis and machine learning. These are some of the features under development

EU Court of Human Rights

The new data set of European Human Rights law is to launch in August 2023. Stay tuned or visit the app

Intergration of Legal Scholarship

Lexploria is working towards the integration of legal scholarship, to complement case law and legal acts, in order to offer comprehensive analytics and citation entworks and a complete set of sources

Legal document Summarization

Legal Document Summarization is just behind the corenr. It will be powered by generative AI mdoels trained on our data sets. and will eb avilabel on demand to our users

Some Figures


legal documents in Data Set

Number of Citations


LEXPLORIA received funding from Innovation Norway

LEXPLORIA has also received angel and pre-seed investments from a network of private investors called Fyrin Network, and from other individual investors